Document Management

TreenoGCM is an easy-to-use yet highly robust system for accessing, managing, and sharing critical documents and images across a broad range of enterprise functions, departments and locations. With great efficiency, businesses can now capture, organize and share any type of digital or paper-based document within a secure, central repository. System deployment is effortless, document retrieval is instant, integration with existing applications is seamless, and the Treeno system can scale to support as few or as many enterprise users as your business requires.

Features include:
» Document Management, Capture and Imaging
» Quick/Easy Access to documents instantly via any location, anytime
» Records Management
» Application Integration
» Integrated Workflow and Collaboration
» Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
» Audit Trails and Security. E-mail Management. Regulatory Compliance
» Mailroom Scanning to Personal Inboxes

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