Optimize Equipment Up-time with MICAS

Micas helps streamline the servicing of Sharp MFPs by eliminating the guesswork related to pinpointing the cause of service issues. For Sharp multi-function equipment customers this means more rapid service call resolutions. With Micas you will have less business interruption while waiting for your equipment to be returned to a ready state. Micas helps to ensure optimized device up-time and more efficient performance from your service provider.

Sharp MX 5140

Automatic Meter Readings

No more monthly meter readings. Micas does this for you automatically.

Remote Service Monitoring

Micas sends critical machine service data to your service provider automatically. So an effective service action plan can determined before a technician is dispatched to your office.

Customer Benifits

  • Automatically sends meter data
  • More equipment up-time
  • Service provider can use Micas to monitor and maintain equipment

IT Benifits

  • Cloud based no versioning upkeep
  • Identify and register sharp devices
  • Remotely monitor devices