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CCTV Security and Surveillance Solutions

Comprehensive protection for your business shouldn’t consist of just an alarm system that you turn on when you are not there. Total protection means not only an alarm system but also a surveillance system and cybersecurity. Of course, it makes sense that Source One Solutions would be expert in cybersecurity and protecting your network operations and data. But we also strive to provide solutions for all your business needs, including complete business security by providing installation and monitoring of closed-circuit tv security surveillance systems.  What are the benefits of CCTV?

  • Increased employee and customer safety
  • Protects your business property and the property of your employees and customers
  • It is always on duty and captures exactly what is happening at any given moment
  • A powerful deterrent against vandalism and theft
  • A record of events should something occur providing powerful evidence for court cases and protection against litigation
  • Increased security often equates to lower insurance premiums

So, forget about hiring a single security guard or purchasing a dog with big teeth and select security that never ever sleeps. Choose Source One CCTV for the latest in security, fully installed and at a price that isn’t a security risk to your budget.

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